Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dare I Say It? Toilet Training Success!!

I think my dreams are coming true...I may have just recently purchased my last package of diapers...YAY!!!!!!! This will bring down monthly expenses by a lot since I insist on buying pampers and they cost a fortune in this country! I did try the no-name generic Israeli brand and they were crap (excuse the pun) so I stuck with what I knew. I also did a short stint with Huggies because Little was peeing through everything at night and I thought Huggies were a bit bigger, but that didn't help the leakage.
Anyway, last week Little announced one morning that he was going to wear underwear to school. He had been peeing in the toilet at home on and off and sometimes wearing underwear but with no regularity at all and he most certainly had not left the house in it. So I packed him up 2 extra pairs and some extra clothes and shipped him off to school. His teacher was surprised but was happy to go with it. He did great--a couple of accidents here and there, but for the most part it's been pretty painless. Tonight will be the real test. He's been sleeping in a diaper and waking up wet in the morning so I was hesitant to let him go with underwear at night. Last night, he wore a diaper but he woke up at 11pm to pee and then when he got up in the morning he was dry and went in the toilet. Tonight he absolutely refused to put on a diaper so we'll see what happens! I fully anticipate needing to change his sheets in the middle of the night but you never know. I'm so proud of him! 2 years and 10 months--beating Big in this milestone by a good 2 months, not that I'd ever compare my kids to each other:)
And there you have it. A whole post about pee. Fun.


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