Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Decade

New Year's Eve 1999 seems like it was just yesterday and it's hard to believe that it's actually been 10 years!
A lot has happened since that Friday night when we waited to see whether the Y2K bug would actually bring the world to a screeching halt (luckily it didn't).
We spent that New Year's Eve at my parents' house in Boston--Krazy went to bed early as he was in the midst of chemotherapy. We were engaged, but not yet married, on the brink of the rest of our are the highlights of the past 10 years:

In 2000...Krazy finished chemotherapy and was declared cancer-free...we got married...we moved into our first apartment...and then moved into our second apartment a few months later...I started my first real job at UBS PaineWebber

In 2001...I quit my first real job and moved to the non-profit world and mostly haven't looked back...Krazy got laid off...Krazy got a new job, funnily enough at UBS...September 11th happened and the world changed forever

In 2002...we moved from New York to Boston...we bought our first condo

In 2003...I don't remember anything particularly earth-shattering happening but I'm sure we had fun...I think we might have gotten a new car

In 2004...Big was born and our lives changed forever

In 2005...we celebrated 5-years of Krazy being cancer-free...we sold our condo and bought a bigger one...

In 2006...Little joined our clan...we made a big decision to spend a year living 6,000 miles away from home

In 2007...we headed out on our big adventure to the Holy Land...I started my MBA program...Big started to learn Hebrew

In 2008...I got my MBA...we decided to continue our adventures here in our new home...our decision caused some turmoil in our families...Big perfected his Hebrew knowledge and Little began to learn it as well...I lost my grandmother...I faced a huge fear and flew 6,000 miles ALONE with both kids to Boston

In 2009...we managed to put off major life decisions for another year...I tried my hand at being a work-at-home-mom and hated beloved grandpa and my uncle passed away...Krazy began the process of starting his own business

Looking forward to seeing what 2010 will bring. I hope it brings us the clarity that we need to make some major sell our house in Boston or not? To buy something here or not? To bring all our stuff here or not? To move back to the States or not? The answers will have to be revealed in the coming year, but I haven't a clue what they will be!!


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