Tuesday, November 10, 2009


After a brief hiatus, I am rededicating myself to this blog! I'm not going to bother recapping the past few months in a long drawn out post. In a nutshell: the kids started school, we left the country for a month to go visit friends and family in the US and Canada, we came home and got the kids re-settled in school. Exciting stuff.
It's been good to get back into routine. Unfortunately, my routine includes job-searching since I quit my job right before we left for our trip. Job-searching is not fun, but I am trying to network as much as possible and am hopeful that things will work out soon. And, in the meantime, I am taking advantage of having my mornings free to meet friends for coffee and maybe even to stay on top of the laundry.
I am also working on some tough love with my kids. Maybe it was the lack of routine for the month that we were away or maybe it is their ages or maybe they are just rotten (but I doubt it!) but they have both been proving to be very difficult these past few weeks. Lots of whining, fighting and generally not listening to me. And I have bright red scratches next to my eye from a very angry Little who apparently really needed his nails cut.

****Clearly being back has not made me post more often because I just realized that I started this post a week ago and never finished it. I'm just hitting "publish" even if it's crap just to hopefully get me back in the writing and posting mode!!


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